Monday, October 8, 2007

DEBlog - discussing pension system

As announced, three Slovak economists have started a discussion about Slovak pension reform. The discussion is in Slovak. However, we might translate some important outputs and hopefully publish them here.


Antal Dániel said...

We have a similar discussion forum in Hungary, the Pension and Old Age Roundtable with a Wikipedia-like webpage.

It is in Hungarian only, DEBlog is in Slovak. I hope there are people who can understand each other. I guess the underlying demographic trends are very similar.

Michal Lehuta said...

wow, this is nice to hear! unfortunately, we can't really understand each other's language, because it's so different :( but we might try to translate some of the major arguments at least to English, in order to compare the national discussions. i also suspect they will be similar, but perhaps some of the points on one side can re-fresh the debate on the other side, who knows..

Antal Dániel said...

Hello Mihal, I do not follow that roundtable much, we have three similar ones, public education, pension and competitiveness. I am a member of the similar Comeptitiveness Roundtable, maybe I could send you some round-ups on that and try to find somebody who follows the pension debate to send some posts about the highlights of the debate.

I know that our languages are so different but I also find it surprising how few people speak the neighbor's language in this region.